Enabling your people capability framework to drive the right behaviors, culture, conduct and performance.

Bring your coaching and observations templates & tools to life through beautiful digital forms that embed into the daily lives of people.  Gain visibility into activity across large distributed teams and discover the correlations between coaching activity and customer outcomes.



Financial Institutions are transforming to be more customer-centric. Cultural change of this kind starts with clear communication from bank leadership about making the customer the priority.

Banks and Credit Unions are using coaching to uplift skills/capabilities and share best practices by having experienced and tenured team members coach frontline staff.   Whether they are discussing a specific need with a customer in a branch or responding to a customer compliant in the contact centre - ensuring they have the competency and skill to behave in the right way can make all the difference.


Key Drivers

  • Ensure consistent high-quality customer experiences with evidence of comprehension and adherence to regulatory requirements

  • Review & continually improve customer experience & expertise in product, policy and procedure knowledge

  • Discover risk & compliance breaches and monitor staff behaviors relating to mandatory disclosures and regulatory requirements - provide evidence of adherence and or corrective actions

  • View what activities are being observed and where leaders are focusing coaching across the entire network – highlighting gaps requiring greater scrutiny

  • Identify behavior change and analyse the cause and effect coaching has on customer advocacy, regulatory behaviours and business outcomes.

  • Provide insights on individual team members capability and areas for improvement.


SeeEverything Capability App


Induction – Ability to formalise and monitor your staff onboarding and induction programme.

Observations - Ensure staff have high quality customer interactions.  Capturing demonstration of skills, evidence, disclosure and assurance.

Coaching - Continuous improvement of staff capability through ongoing coaching - advance knowledge, experience and competence.

Accreditations – Record and capture evidence of comprehension & adherence to regulatory requirements


Performance Management – Motivate staff through alignment of your customer and business strategy.  Capture regular check in conversations that can be aligned to ongoing coaching & observations

Balanced Scorecard – Capture new ‘customer centric’ people measures aligned to good customer outcome.

Targeted Compliance Coaching - Targeted coaching interventions triggered by compliance breaches and testing.  Capture corrective actions and drive accountability.