Ensure you are engaging customers with needs based, compliant conversations. Enhance the customer’s experience, by staff having customer-centric conversations built on life moments and goals, and not just bank products or customer needs.

The SeeEverything Conversations application ensures alignment & standardization of conversations across distributed networks. Enable deeper customer relationships through an enhanced understanding and discovery of customer needs.

Ensure you pay due regard to the interests of your customers and act in their best interests. Track & disburse all compliance obligations throughout conversations. Accurately understand & capture customer’s needs & financial goals, including information such a current banking arrangements.

We are getting 2.3 times revenue multiples for Customers experiencing a digital conversation.
— Bank Exec

In the typical course of a day, bankers interact with customers and uncover their needs in a multitude of ways across retail networks, contact centers and digital channels. This is especially true with universal bankers, who may have less experience dealing with the wide array of customer requests. With the SeeEverything Conversations application, you can be sure the conversation is being guided according to your company standards and industry best-practice.

SeeEverything Conversations App

  • Alignment to life moments, goals & needs - Ensure that a customer’s situation, needs and goals are understood, and that any products and services that are recommended or sold align and meet these objectives. Key information is presented in a way that resonates with customers and allows them to make key financial decisions from an informed position.

  • Suitability - Suitability remains high on all regulators agenda and they continues to scrutinize this important area.   The banks must ensure, monitor and have evidence to the regulator that consumers are sold products which are suitable to their needs and desired outcomes - such as proof they afford loan repayments.

  • Advice - Where a customer receives advice, ensure the advice is suitable and takes account of their needs identified and circumstances. Ensure that key information is presented in a way that resonates with customers and allows them to make key financial decisions from an informed position

  • Compliance and disclosure - Disburse all compliance obligations throughout the conversation including advice statements and advice disclaimer warnings, which may include scripting to bankers and confirmation at relevant points during conversation. Capture information to meet KYC, AML, CFT controls. Confirm and record information has been given to customers either by email or physically. Ensure that disclosures around fees and charges or terms and conditions are well understood by the customer.

  • Customer comprehension - Customers understand the reasons why, and implications of, making one financial decision over another, whether this is on an advised basis or not. Customers are provided with clear information and are kept appropriately informed before, during and after the sale process.

  • Opportunity management - Provide staff a structured approach to capturing opportunities identified through customer conversations, including referrals to experts in the organisation as appropriate.