Our Product teams, marketers and front line Bankers were discovering an astonishing number of Customer Needs. Unfortunately there was no Bank wide systematic and coordinated approach to fulfill them……so most of them fell into a black hole.
— Head of Retail Banking


In the typical course of a day, Bankers interact with Customers and uncover their needs in a multitude of ways across Retail networks, contact centres and digital channels.

In many cases, they don’t find their way into the core systems with Bankers preferring to develop their own work practises to manage followups and leads.

As a result, visibility and coordination of pipeline activity across the organisation can be limited.

This can have a profound effect on forward looking business performance such as a lack of clarity over why a product pipeline is not converting at a desired rate (eg: Mortgages or short term borrowing).


  • Digitise weekly branch forecast and commitment processes to provide real time visibility into forward looking pipeline metrics.
  • Coordinate pipeline activity across branches and product teams through actions, opportunities and simple in app comments
  • Visualise how distributed teams, regions and branches progress their pipeline relative to their peers.  Instantly identify areas of improvement.
  • Coordinate customer ownership and non-solicitation obligations through clear customer accountabilities
  • Get pipeline health visibility across all key metrics including conversion rates, pipeline velocity and forecast accuracy