Single View


We had no idea 70% of Customer intelligence was buried inside our communication inboxes. Unlocking this has allowed us to complement our existing customer product information and fundamentally reimagine the way we talk to our customers.
— Head of Business Banking


Analyse customer communications across distributed teams to learn about customer relationships, lifecycle stages and interaction patterns. 

Automatically generate unique customer insights that complement existing customer product information to deliver simple and powerfully intelligent singleviews of each consumer, commercial customer and customer stakeholder.

Help your people make every customer conversation the best it can be.


key features

  • Automatically identify key customer stakeholders and effortlessly manage contact information without the need for user input
  •  Visualise structured and unstructured communications data to instantly see the nature of an individual or business relationship in real time
  • Automatically analyse customer correspondence and documentation to generate customer insights through machine learning
  • Understand what colleagues are doing with a customer without needing them to enter any information.  Orchestrate actions across a distributed team within the context of any given customer
  • Complement existing customer product holding information and view powerful dossiers as part of each customer interaction
  •  Remove the burden of user input.  Leverage what already happens.